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All the world is a stage, and my script name for this lifetime is Christopher Anatra. 

You know me as the Quantum Businessman.  I’m the President and CEO of a computer software company specializing in food distribution which I started in 1990.

At the end of the year 2016, I began a spiritual awakening process which has been continuing to this day. 

Part of that process involved the Mandela Effect and how that phenomenon was changing the names of food products that my clients dealt with daily. 

This included the famous HAAS avocados to always being HASS avocados, or products like Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing never existing. 

My journey led me into concepts of Quantum Mechanics including the double slit experiment, quantum entanglement and the holographic universe.

It led to epiphanies about consciousness, bubbles of reality, and how we are dreaming and co-creating our reality together. 

Are we possibly a fractal of consciousness rendering ourselves into this reality by the DNA of our human, carbon based avatar into a type of virtual reality mind matrix?


If you’re ready, join me on this adventure of discovery. On my YouTube channel and through sessions and other services on my website,

I speak about consciousness, the Earth game, our reality, Quantum Physics, the Akashic Records, Light Language, our Human Avatar, merging timelines, time travel and often Mandela Effects. Role players in a role-playing game.  Change the role and change the game. 


Ready! Set! Let’s get started!

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